• Carolina Metal Masters Introduces New Cerakote Customized Colors

    Posted on September 24 2015

    Carolina Metal Masters is now offering customized colors for their products. The coating that has been chosen to do this is Cerakote. Why Cerakote? 1. Abrasion Resistant - Video test 2....

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  • New Aluminum Tie Rods

    Posted on September 09 2012

    NEW!!! 7075 Straight Tie Rod using offset 1 ton tie rod ends. Very simple design but it is a 1.5" 7075 solid stock tie rod using offset 1 ton GM tie...

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  • CMM Bead Lock Rings

    Posted on August 23 2012

    If you dream it, we can build it....sometimes we dream too. I have never been very satisfied with any of the current bead-lock designs. Some are better than others and...

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